Let’s discuss some completely sane reasons you should not stop your SEO efforts during Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused the global economy to suffer, business strategies to change, people and businesses to hoard cash, and the populace to adopt a doomsday mindset while preparing for the worst. However, the reality is that businesses can thrive in downtimes! Here are 5 reasons why you should absolutely continue search engine marketing (SEO) efforts during these uncertain and trying times.

  1. Search Engine Marketing Can Produce Cash.

Cash, no matter what the time or situation, is king. The only marketing technique that yields a better return on investment is an opt-in email list. You create a profit bearing opt-in email list by generating demand through your search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing gets sales and leads because the consumer connects with your brand when they are searching for your product or service. Even during months of self-quarantine, people still need products, and people are more likely to search when they stay home. SEO places your brand in front of searchers, enticing them to choose your business when a buying decision is made.

  1. SEO Is Measurable.

Unlike branding efforts, it’s easy to see if search engine marketing is effective. All you have to do is look at sales or leads in your analytics. Competent search engine marketers react to data and change tactics accordingly. Use your SEO budget to promote content that appeals to the current mood of the consumer. It may not be absolutely immediate, but over time you will know that your SEO dollars are working for you.

  1. Scarcity = People Search.

The “golden ticket” listing for toilet paper remains worth its weight in gold during these pandemic times! If goods are not available, consumers will search for alternatives. If you can be in the search results when people are searching for scarce goods or services, your business may prosper immensely. SEO marketers will look for opportunities to capitalize on the scarcity of specific items and start working to rank those items, as well as the topics around those items. Those that can capitalize on SEO will be at an advantage as keyword costs around scarce items will increase with demand increases.

  1. People Need Products And Services.

The world is not coming to an end. SEO, both paid and organic, is the best way to reach consumers with buying intent. I’m not saying that search engine marketing is a guaranteed quick fix, but you can get a Google Ads campaign up and running in a few hours or less!

  1. Things Will Get Back To Normal … Eventually.

Our post-Covid-19 world will be different and wrought with changes. Search Engine Optimization marketing will still be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. Those that implement effective SEO marketing programs during the downtimes will be ready to clean up when things normalize. With an SEO campaign you will be able to produce the revenue your business needs to make it through the inevitable hard times to come. So get started today to reap results from your SEO marketing efforts!