Google AdWords or PPC (pay per click) is an absolutely fantastic service as evidenced by its huge popularity around the globe. Millions of businesses and advertisers conduct campaigns each year. This Google service helps companies make themselves known amongst a wider audience. It also happens to be one of the most measurable forms of Internet marketing. This means businesses can track exactly where their money is going, and which keywords are delivering the coveted results.

Naturally, though, some businesses require support when they first start using AdWords – especially those that are not blessed with PPC experts. AdWords is a service that when initially used can seem extremely difficult to get your head around. Google PPC support can assist you in understanding the huge amount of technical jargon involved in setting up and maintaining an AdWords account or campaign.  If you ever find yourself confused regarding your AdWords account, you should probably seek Google PPC support. There’s absolutely no point working yourself into a frenzied mess, when the problem is very much resolvable – all you have to do is give Google a call.

The search engine giant offers free Google PPC support for those new to setting up an AdWords account. Regardless of whether you are advertising from Argentina, China or the United Kingdom, you can get Google PPC support when you first set-up your account. However, it’s worth noting that this support may be subject to whether your business or website qualifies. If you’ve already got your AdWords account up and running, the help you receive may depend on the amount you spend.

It’s certainly a great source of Google PPC support. And it’s provided by those behind the service, so you can be confident that the advice will be of huge relevance.

Alternatively, you could seek advice from the Google AdWords Help Center. It is crammed full with pages of Google PPC support detailing the various aspects of the service, is incredibly useful, and is free to access.

Its pages provide Google PPC support and information on all the basics – ranging from bidding to creating adverts and campaigns to appear on Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages). Additionally, there’s a section purely dedicated to the various terms you will commonly face when using AdWords. With definitions put in the simplest possible terms, it is a great way to familiarize yourself with the service and allow yourself to develop the foundations of a good understanding of PPC advertising.

For those new to Google AdWords, the service can seem incredibly daunting. There’s certainly a lot to remember. 

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