What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management software (CMS) that enables the means to create website and blog engines. Professional WordPress website designers and WordPress website developers need to take control of any website project when working with customers in order to assure the customers website will actually perform the digital marketing, brand awareness and SEO work the website was originally intended to do. Problem is, most website designers and developers will completely listen to the customer wishes even though the customer has no working knowledge regarding how a website needs to perform based upon easy use, easy design to view, easy to read, easy to shop, pleasing colors, theme styles and much more. Though the customer is paying you to perform their wish list, as the website expert it is your responsibility to explain to the customer if there is a better way to present the customer’s wishes in order to assure top website performance. The customer will appreciate you more if you explain the do’s and don’ts when it comes to website designs and development.

The WordPress content management system provides website developers for both desktop and mobile devices an interface to publish content in the web for search engine visitors searching for website information, services and or products on Google, Bing and Yahoo to find. WordPress sites can also be custom built to include PHP, HTML, etc.

WordPress sites also have an excellent variety of themes, templates, applications and plugins to choose from making a website more adaptable and versatile to your needs as well as, making a website easier to build additional pages in the future with lesser cost.

Why WordPress?

WordPress websites allows a website owner or admin to comfortably view and make changes to the site when logging into the backend of your site because of its’ very friendly interface dashboard.  This is actually one of a WordPress websites strongest feature. WordPress is simply “easy to use” for both the owner, admin and the website visitor.

SEO for WordPress

WordPress for both desktop and all mobile devices are friendly and easier for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to read.

WordPress has more acceptable plugins allowing for search engine optimization to take place for online visitors to find your website. It is still very important for your website to have unique content, not duplicate content, quality ongoing back links each month and applicable keywords.

Along with good content and keyword strategies, putting in the correct codes, meta tags, descriptions, titles and keeping up with Google updates will increase the potential to have your website rank highest in major search engines.

As an SEO specialist, digital marketing expert and website designer for over 20+ years I often see website designs that have been developed and pieced together without any consideration for the website design to be user friendly, mobile friendly and prepared and ready for Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as Organic SEO.

In closing, ask yourself: was your website designed with SEO in mind?

We typically see results for our customers within 2-6 weeks. Our SEO methods for both On-Page and Off-Page SEO keeps up with Google’s updates to assure your website does not fall back in the Google Page rankings. If you are not found online, you can’t discover new online clients and sales.

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