Understanding how to rank your business on search engines such as Google is basically the reasoning behind “SEO” search engine optimization. SEO commonly referred to as digital marketing will help your business be found online through affordable organic SEO marketing efforts.

All business today that wishes an online presence utilizing the brand awareness for their business website will want to rank on page 1 of Google by utilizing the proper low, medium and high traffic keywords and keyword phrases that online traffic or visitors are searching for in Google when looking for the same and or similar products and or services you offer. For Example: If you offer affordable SEO services, then one keyword to consider to be found online with is “Affordable SEO”, same goes if you are a plumber, For Example: “Local Plumber” and so on.

Establishing a digital marketing campaign such as SEO for your business and especially for Google, Bing and or Yahoo is strategically planned out in order for your brand awareness and business to discover an increase in website traffic finding you on the Google search engine and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing by providing your business website with a combination of On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques  to include keyword optimization, backlinks, social bookmarkings, article submissions, blog optimization and much more.

If you hired a professional SEO company to help your website business pages rank on search engines meaning, your website position should ultimately be seen on Page 1 of Google than you will want your SEO expert and digital marketing company to make sure your business website now remain on top of the search engine results with Google page 1 improvements in page position. It is very important the SEO professional you choose keeps u with all Google indexing and changes to make sure your site is kept to date with Google changes.

There are specific rules and methods put in place by Google that must be followed. These Google rules must be followed within the Googles Process they set as a business standard in order for your site to rank properly on Google with higher page ranking results.

The following are just a few basic Google rules to follow:

  • The URL you choose is an important starting point for any business. Incorporate a popular high traffic keyword into the URL address name.
  • Your business domain should include the high traffic keyword in your domain name.
  • Include the high traffic keyword in the tags for your site. For Example: https://rankaroo.com/ therefore the popular keyword hers is “Rank”.
  • Remember to allow for 60 characters or less for title tags.

This author Rankaroo.com feels it is important for all business owners to hire a reputable SEO company that incorporates monthly high PR authority link building as part of the SEO campaign. Not understanding good links from bad links may result in your business being associated with a spam site or possibly have your site hacked and shut down by search engines. If you are attempting to take short cuts in order to rank highly too quickly, ultimately you may actually cause more damage and expenses for yourself. It’s more important that online traffic and potential customers see that your websites brand and business have credibility. Last thing you want is to have to try to recover your brand from a bad reputation with Google due to your association with poor links. Bad backlinks ad black-hat SEO techniques you associate yourself with regardless if you knew you were taking chances or as an unwilling participant may result in Google penalizing your site for these situations.

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