Website designers need to be both an artist and a technical expert. Designing websites today is both art and science. Designing a website today, especially for the educated consumer and search engine users requires artistic and user friendly visualization and, great design, technical and content skills to convert the visualized design into a money making user friendly website. One of the worst mistakes many companies do today when looking to create a website for their business would be to copy another company’s website and implement it as your own. These type of websites qualify a low rank in SEO valuations, resulting in poor traffic and low search engine site ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, YouTube and additional search engines.

Below are some web design and SEO techniques that should be avoided:

  1. Using Tables Complicate Your Website Layout

Using tables in web page layouts makes the page complicated. Although designing tables can be easy to do, maintaining such tables can be time consuming and difficult at times. Many users find it difficult to read tables from a desktop or mobile device. If CSS is used, maintenance of tables in CSS is easier. Tables may interfere with On-Page SEO.

  1. Continuous and Never Ending Website Scrolling

Scrolling is a very popular design across most websites (especially woo-commerce), however, it is not for every website. Depending on the websites purpose and goals then this design technique would be acceptable only if the website owner is looking for the business website to stream continuous content. However, if the goal of the website is to help consumers and users locate a specific task or the website has comparable product and or service choices, it can create for a bad user experience.

Scrolling too much on each page may lower your conversion rates. Too much scrolling is a bad technique for websites that wish to increase their sales conversions and focus on single task activities.

  1. Website Page and Image Loading:

When images and page content do not load properly, this content cannot be indexed by spiders and will not load the rest of the page (only visible content gets indexed). This may lead to low SEO rankings and hurt the page traffic. This is why, hiring a SEO company that will provide a free website audit is essential.

  1. Lack of Mobile Configured Design

Mobile responsive/friendly websites is essential for any businesses online marketing success today. By having a friendly mobile device website, your traffic visiting your website will increase. Google and its’ introduction and changes to its mobile algorithm is continuously warning businesses that without a mobile friendly website, your business rankings’ will decline. Websites that are not mobile friendly are pushed back in search listings. Responsive friendly website designs allow easy viewing and loading on all mobile devices.

Additionally, copying what you may consider to be a ‘great design’ from other websites may not only harm the creative appeal, but also block Organic SEO page rankings.

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